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Saturday, October 22, 2005

They chose a house in Sumner, about 10 miles northwest of Paris, officials say.

Allan Cunningham, 24, of DeKalb goes on trial at 9 a.m. Pimp My Black Teen Tuesday in the courtroom of State District Judge Jim Dick Lovett in Paris. The jury was selected Aug. 19 on the same day that jurors were selected for the Michael Davis capital murder trial.

Cunningham is accused of robbery, burglary of a habitation and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He and two other men were accused of assaulting a neighbor who questioned them after seeing Big Cock Addiction their car in the driveway of a residence at Sumner. Later in the day, the men were accused of taking a pickup from a Paris veterinary clinic on U.S. 271 a short distance south of Loop 286.

During a court hearing Aug. 15, Cunningham fired his court-appointed attorney, Brady Fisher, saying he wanted to act as his own lawyer. The judge asked Fisher to be available for Casting Couch Teens Cunningham to consult with during the jury selection process, just in case.

Sure enough, at every attempt Cunningham made to talk to prospective jurors, District Attorney Gary Young objected to the manner in which he was attempting to do so, and the judge upheld each of the objections. In frustration, Phat White Booty Cunningham finally approached the bench and told the judge that he would like Fisher to represent him after all. Fisher then took over, and the process continued.

Also charged in the incident were Christopher Ray, 29, of DeKalb and Bobby Lemon, 24, of DeKalb.

Ray pleaded guilty Dec. 19, 2003, to unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and got five years probation. Lemon pleaded guilty April 30, 2004, and was sentenced to Giants Black Meat White Treat 18 months in state jail for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and to three years in prison on the robbery and burglary charges.

Cunningham was arrested Sept. 26, 2003, and stayed in Lamar County Jail until March 4, 2004, when he was released on personal recognizance bonds, but failed to appear for further hearings.

Warrants were issued for his arrest for bond surrender. He was re-arrested on those warrants March 16, 2005, and has been in the Lamar County Jail ever since that time.